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TYPES of Wishes

Special experiences (like a trip) 

Purchase of quality-of-life enhancing medical and therapy equipment

Special gifts (like a puppy or shopping spree) 

College scholarship (siblings eligible)


Wish Details 

Patient is eligible for an additional wish every five years

No cash outlay 

No income qualifications

U.S. Citizen

Photo and/or video will be required upon completion of wish along with the agreement to share story.


Submission process

Fill out application below

Contact Information

Disorder/Disease Information

Lifestyle hardships due to condition

Please Include Wish Details

Why they chose the item and how it will affect their quality of life

Letter from physician maybe requested for verification

Photo and video release

Rare Wish Administrator will score each grant based on an established rubric.

Review of grant applications by executive committee.

Once approved, administrator will coordinate with grantee and secure media promotion.

*Our applicants sign a waiver to release use of first name, if permission is not given, a fictitious name is used.

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